Arriving in Toulouse, France

It was a dream to live in a place where nobody knows you and nobody is like you! Finally it was happening as I got the chance to visit a small city in France for business purpose. Experience of visiting a place as a tourist and living in a place as their own is a lot different I always believed.

The day I arrived in the city, I felt I have reached some deserted part of the country because I could not see anyone walking on the street while I was on the way from Airport to my Apartment. The roads were as if no one uses them as I saw very less cars driving on the road, for once I felt like in the movie I AM LEGEND but with few people around me. 🙂

Every place I saw I felt like I should check out more as I was in complete observation mode, it was a thrilling and new experience for me. I have always been a fan of hollywood movies but watching such a place live which I have always seen in movies was a complete different feeling.

As I reached my place, the door opened and I entered to notice there was NO ONE at the reception as it was a Sunday afternoon and as per the law only restaurents were allowed to open on Sunday in the country. I found my room keys waiting for me in the mailbox with my name on the envelope, I took it and finally reached my room.

I was so excited for my room and had imagined a complete different picture because when I entered to my surprise I found a tini tiny small apartment which basically had one room attached kitchen, bathroom and a balcony however the room was nicely packed in such a way that I had all the ameneties like sofa, table, coffe, study table etc.

My heart was pounding with excitement however I was hungry so I quickly started preparing something and suddenly I felt that there is no separate AC for the room and only a centerlised AC in which I felt hot as the outside temprature was around 33C.

I decided I will stay here today as I had planned to go out and would request to change my room tomorrow, I quickly prepared something for myself and headed out.


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