Top Places To Visit In Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a fun city in Spain, Europe. It is majorly known for the hippie culture and party lifestyle but also the home place for the famous FC Barcelona in which Leonel Messi plays.
Barcelona in on the top when it comes to number of tourist visiting the place.

The city has so much to offer but lets get to the top in a gist!

You can find the video for the top quick list at below location
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1 > Sagrada Familia

It is one of most famous place in the world which is still not complete, its a large roman catholic church which is unfinished till date, the design of this beauty is done by Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi’s design are famous for organic designs as everything resembeles a organic creature.
Do not forget to pre-book your tickets to this place online atleast 3 weeks before if you are coming in holiday period which is the summer season.

Price: 32 Euros – Entry, Tower and audio guide
Price: 25 Euros – Entry and audio guide

2 > Casa Batlo

This is the most famous home design by Gaudi which cost you a little more for you to get inside, there is a huge queue which would take half an hour for you to get inside.
You will get a headphone with audio guide which is a must to truly enjoy the work of Gaudi
It is a 3 story building, every part is detailed and you will cherist the beauty of Gaudi’s mind.
Price: 25 Eruos online
Price: 28.5 Euroes at the counter

Youtube Video: Quick Top Barcelona | Life Is About Ride

3 > Park Guel

As the name suggest, its a part, instead of going in, I decided to take a walk around to enjoy the nature of the place which did not took a long time but gave me an awesome view of the horizon.

Price: Free if you are going around
Price: 10 Euros if you want to go inside

4 > La’Aquarium Barcelona

This aquarium is one of the best with tunnels like strucutre where you can view marine life just as if you are inside it.
I do not understand marie-life so i did not took the audio guide but if you are interested you can always pay extra for that.

Price: 20 euroes at the counter

Youtube Video: Quick Top Barcelona | Life Is About Ride

5 > La’Barceloneta – Surf, sun bathe and beach

This place is different in itself, you will see everyone in their own, enjoying the sun, sand and water.
There is locker facility and shower so no problem with that.
There are few restaurants which are just awesome, giving yyou the beach view in the hot weather with cold beer.

Youtube Video: Quick Top Barcelona | Life Is About Ride

6 > Camp Nou Stadium

Now I wasn’t supposed to visit this place as it was too hot but i am glad I did and it is in this list.
Once you enter inside, its a whole different place and you will enjoy and get connected to the team barca.

It has aa museum inside having info about each and every match till date with few awesome messi clips.
Price: 25 euroes online

Youtube Video: Quick Top Barcelona | Life Is About Ride

7 > Gothic Quater and La Rambla

The place will give you the feeling why Barcelona is known as Catalunia. You will emerge in the beauty of these streets and I would suggest you to spend atleast 2 hours in these streets by just looking around and ofcourse the Rambla street is famous for street shopping and also there is sunday special on this street which I wouldn’t miss.

Youtube Video: Quick Top Barcelona | Life Is About Ride

8 > Spania

This place was a surprise for me as I wasn’t planning on visiting it however I am greatful that i did.
it is in the center of the city with youth performing different actiivities like dancing, singing, playing piano and ofcourse football tricks which i loved to watch.
At this place you truly feel that you are in a european country where people are enjoying on the streets.

I have shown all these places in the my latest video on my youtube channel:
Youtube Video: Quick Top Barcelona | Life Is About Ride

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